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After experimenting the Mandelbrot algorithm inside a Razor web application, I decided to port my code to a standalone Javascript+HTML5 page (i.e. the one you are just reading now).

As far as I'm concerned, the most interesting part about this post is loading this page with different browsers and comparing how fast are the various javascript engine implementations. For instance, on my PC, generating the first picture of the Mandelbrot set (i.e. the one you're gonna see after clicking the GO button) takes:

  • about half a second (511ms) on Chrome 10.0.648.204,
  • one third of a second (312ms) on Firefox 4.0
  • ... and more than eleven (!!) seconds on Internet Explorer 9.0.

It'll be fine if you comment this post and write how much time your browser takes to generate the very first picture (zooming times are not comparable since they depends on how much «inner» fractal points are computated).

Enough chatting... Just click the GO button and enjoy the beauty of the Mandelbrot set... If you can’t see any fractal, either your browser doesn’t support HTML5, or my code is buggy enough not to run on you client (LOL).

Update: now you can click the picture to zoom into the fractal.

Happy programming!

1 comment:

Alkampfer said...

Basically the same
222 for firefox 4.0
323 for chrome
8349 for IE9
890 opera 1.1