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ScriptCs is a great yet simple to use framework for writing and executing C# scripts.

Chocolatey + NuGet + Roslyn = ScriptCs
ScriptCs + Command Prompt = C# REPL

Beeing able to write and freely execute C# scripts is a great opportunity and can be a time saver. What I lack more at this stage of development of ScriptCs is a simple toolset to implement basic user interactions. I've sterted a new project on GitHub called ScriptCS-GUI. At the moment it holds some vanilla C# scripts but I wish to evolve it to a full featured Script Pack.

As a starter I implemented classic interactions such showing an OpenFileDialog and a SaveFileDialog. In the following example the Console asks the user to select a file and then writes the selected file name.

> #load "gui.csx" // <-- load gui.csx
> var file = Gui.OpenFileDialog(); // <-- show a classic Open File dialog and wait the user to pick a file
> file // <-- write the selected file name on console

The following script shows you how to read a folder name from the command argument and use it with the Gui.OpenFileDialog helper.

#load "../script/gui.csx"
// Run with:
// scriptcs -script "{filename}.csx" -- c:\some-path

var folder = ScriptArgs.FirstOrDefault(); // <-- the starting folder name
var path = Gui.OpenFileDialog(folder);
Console.WriteLine("You selected: '{0}'.", path ?? "nothing");

Launch the script as shown in the picture and enjoy your interaction... :)

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